“Dulcis in...”  is something I had been looking for since I was a child.

When I think about my childhood, the images that more often comes to my mind are those of me, my mom and grand-mom in the kitchen, preparing something special for celebrating an occasion.

After taking a Master degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and a specialization in Cosmetic Science and technologies, I worked for a pharmaceutical multinational as QA manager for 13 years. But I have continued to cultivate my strong passion for cooking and develop my skills, my family and close friends have been since the beginning my “customers” and testers helping me to personalize and fine-tune my recipes.

After my move to Turkey I took the step to turn my passion into shape; and “Dulcis in…” was born.

I love to cook for anyone who enjoys the pleasure of the table as a moment of conviviality, joy and passion.

I continuously refine my portfolio of recipes, combining the regional and traditional ones with my personal interpretation.


fichi in vetroSalmone fume in canestriniPani dolciCipolle caramellate e porri in torte salateriso Venere su velluto di zuccapani profumatiRiccioli di cioccolatoRavioliCestini di taglatelle croccanti